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Queen Emeraldas

Like many other Matsumoto comics, this is also incomplete. "I just decided to abandon this series temporarily because I have been noticing that my work was getting sloppy.", Matsumoto explained in his interview. "I was simply getting too busy with the TV series and movies, and there was no point in continuing with the comic series knowing I can't not spend enough time to do a good job on them. I will redo "Emeraldas", and I will make a movie out of her."

At least this comic shows an interesting insight in her whereabouts. She was born in the Earth, and she "met" the ship Queen Emeraldas and was given the ship from the previous owner, Zonalana, who died soon after. Because of her sharing of pity of her enemy, she was scarred on her face by his blade. She decided to keep the scar on her face as a reminder for "the survival law of the space". She encounters Hiroshi and helps him occasionally. She wonders all over the galaxy to search for something, but no one knows what she is searching for. There are a few episodes of her encountering Tochiro, but not much.


Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Emeraldas's image was used by Mazone to trick Harlock. Harlock, of course, did not buy that a woman like Emeraldas would do such dirty deed betraying her beloved Tochiro, and non-hesitantly killed the fake Emeraldas. Later in the comic, it was mentioned that Emeraldas was wondering space looking for Tochiro.


Galaxy Express 999 (Andromeda Series)

She is a Maetel's rival. Due to her illness, she has placed a robot to take care of the ship, but the robot revels against her and tries to steal Maetel's body. "She is still a lucky woman; although her body may be infected by a deadly illness, she is still a free-spirited woman who can go anywhere she desires to on her ship. In contrast, I can only go on the limited route on the railway....and I am a woman who can not die for a while.", Maetel says. "But I hope she gets well soon, because the rival is what makes your life more interesting and exciting, you know!"


Galaxy Express 999 (Eternal Series)

She appears a lot, but there are too many mysteries with her in this series, it's hard to outline what's going on with her yet.


Nibelung's Ring

I. Das RheinGold

She is not in very good health. She receives an emergency signal from Tochiro, and goes to look for Arcadia.

II. Walkure

Her childhood is shown. She is traveling with Maetel on Galaxy Express 999. She is an older sister of Maetel, and they meet Harlock and Tochiro as kids at the planet Meta-Bloody. Queen Emeraldas is waiting for the day of departure there.

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