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Galaxy Express 999 (Guest Appearance)

She appears in the episode "Eternal Traveler Emeraldas". She is a Maetel's rival. Due to her illness, she has placed a robot to take care of the ship, but the robot revels against her and tries to steal Maetel's body. According to this episode, when Maetel and Emeraldas fought a duel by swords long time ago, Maetel beat Emeraldas, but let her go. Maetel was imprisoned because of her deed, Emeraldas came to rescue her, but Maetel refused to be escape and wanted to accept her punishment. Emeraldas is described as a symbol for the "finite life" in contrast from "eternal life" which is represented by Maetel as well as "machine people". Not willing to show her sick self, she never shows up in front of Maetel. "A rival never wants to show the other his or her weakened figure", Maetel explains.

Captain Harlock (Guest Appearance)

She is named "Emerada" in this series due to the copyright conflict. Boy, this episode had a very western-movie like atmosphere! I didn't like these 2 episodes, either. But anyhow, she fell in love with Tochiro, and give birth to Mayu at Heavy Melder. Tochiro dies from overworking (Japanese "karoushi", huh?), and becomes buried in the space. Emerada takes off with the shuttle chasing after Tochiro's casket into the space. I must say, this episode was made up just for this TV series, and therefore, it has absolutely nothing to do with all other settings you find in Matsumoto world especially considering the fact that Mayu was created just for this TV series.

Endless Orbit SSX

She was supposed to be one of the main characters in this TV series, however, she did not appear in as many episodes as she should have been. I suppose it is due to the series' cut-off; maybe she was supposed to show up more in later in the series. She is an identified criminal with code number X-0001. Tochiro has a major crush on her (maybe since the movie "My Youth in Arcadia"?), and Emeraldas's heart is naturally moved by his sincerity. I must say that I acquired new appreciation for
Tochiro and Emeraldas after I saw this series. If I have not seen "Endless Orbit SSX", I would have never discovered how cool Tochiro was, and how a good combination with Tochiro and Harlock was. That's no wonder why Emeraldas eventually starts liking Tochiro. Unfortunately, Tochiro becomes infected by deadly illness from rescuing Emeraldas from the dangerous zone, and he turns into the heart of Arcadia at Heavy Melder.

Maetel Legend

To be honest, I haven't seen this series because it has pretty bad reviews. After all this is "Maetel Legend", and not "Emeraldas Legend"... According to these recent new settings, Emeraldas and Maetel are sisters, and daughters of Queen Millenia. Honestly, I don't care for this change... Maetel and Emeraldas were supposed to be good ribals, and I like that setting better. Wasn't Maetel supposed to be the "only daughter" of Promecium after all??

Space Symphony Maetel

The story takes place 2 years after Maetel Legend. Again Emeraldas was nothing more than a sidekick of Maetel... OK OK Maetel suffered, I see it. But as having a same mother, would Emeraldas go through the same type of suffering as well?? But somehow this universe is circling around Maetel tragety, and not much about Emeraldasy. At least Tochiro seems to show lots of care for Emeraldas, but in the end of the series they all parted, sailing out on their own separate ways, just like that.

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