Related Events In Japan and USA

Space Battleship Yamato (146min)
Farewell Yamato (155min)
Yamato New Depature (118min)
Yamato Forever (151min)
Final Yamato (175min)
TV Commercial - 15 seconds commercial is on the air! From what I heard, Maetel is riding a jet coaster, and she is even on the bungee jumping! Voice actor of Shasho-san is also used as the narrator in this commercial.
"999Fantasy - Symphony of Fireworks and Music (3/22)" - The combination of Fireworks and Music show Produced by Leiji Matsumoto.
Galaxy Express 999 Original Artwork Display (3/21 - 5/31) - Galaxy Express 999 original artwork display inside main entrance.
Limited Time 999 Original Menu - Brand-new restaurant "Good Day" will carry 999 original menu items during "Takke Off Festa". It includes: Tetsuro's 999 Set Menu (999 Yen) - 4-flavored Curried Beef, Slushy Ice Maetel Syrop, Soft Drink, Shasho-san's Half-don (699 Yen) - Pork Cutlett & Udon's Half Set, Maetel's Tea Set (399 Yen) - Pancake with Maetel Syrop, Tea or Coffee.
999 Express (3/21, 3/22) - Special event train to Yomiuri Land can carry up to 999 pairs of passengers. Ticket price (999 Yen) includes the railroad ticket from Shinjyuku station to Yomiuri Land station, Gondola, & Yomiuri Land Amusement Park ticket.
"The World of Galaxy Express 999" - Leiji Matsumoto's original artwork display (approximately 100 of them will be displayed). Life-size panel drawing of 5 characters (Tetsuro, Maetel, Harlock, etc.) display. Panoramic Model (of 999?) display. Movie trailers and part of TV series will be played. Photo session using Matsumoto's artwork.
"The World of Battleship Yamato" - Leiji Matsumoto's original artwork display. Battleship Yamato 1/200 scale model display designed by Leiji Matsumoto.
"Leiji Matsumoto Collection" - Introducing Leiji Matsumoto's personal collector items from all over the world.
"Leiji Matsumoto Talk Show & Autograph Session" (3/22) - Leiji Matsumoto's Interview and autograph session.
"Leiji Matsumoto Message Corner" - Your message for Leiji Matsumoto will be taken.
"Galaxy Express 999 Quiz Rally" - Participants with perfect scores will be drawn for door prizes.
"Galaxy Express 999 Original Merchandise Corner"




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