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Monthly Top Image

July 99 Top Image - Maetel. More primitive coloring, but I actually like it a lot.

June 99 Top Image - Emeraldas. I personally like the color scheme of this one.

May 99 Top Image II - Harlock. It was largely unfinished but I had nothing else to replace my monstorous manga top image.

May 99 Top Image I - Excuse(?) comic! It was my first attempt for the colored manga. I took it down quickly because it was too big.

April 99 Top Image - Harlock, Tochiro, Maetel & Emeraldas. Don't you ever wonder how they look in different attire?

March 99 Top Image - Harlock, Tochiro, & Tori-san. Arcadia break-down?

February 99 Top Image - Harlock. Anime version, Of course.


Color Drawings

Harlock. With Maya... right before he joins military? Unfinished. I hate color drawings! :-(~

Tochiro & Harlock. Serious images are nice, but I like more casual scenes, too.

Harlock Image I made my banner out of. It turned out all right.

Group Pic! I need a lot more practice in color drawing...(T_T)

Tochiro & Harlock. Lost candidate for the top image.

Harlock. Grossly unfinished.

Kei Yuuki. It was a gift for Makoto-san's site. "Seductive Kei" was his request...(*_*)

Black & White Drawings

Maetel. My very first Matsumoto drawing. Dedicated to Chineko-san.

Maetel. I don't like this very well myself.

Emeraldas. I am still not convinced they are sisters, by the way.

Emeraldas. In Planet Jyura?

Harlock. When he lost his right eye...

Gifts from Friends - e-mail them with comments!

Maetel - Collaborative Creation with Makoto-san! I drew the original image (left) and Makoto-san wonderfully colored it (right). It was amazing! (*_*)

Harlock - Another Gift from Makoto-san. It was supposed to be displayed at Parlock-san's site, but her site is under construction.

Harlock - Gift from Makoto-san. Used to be a professional animator, now he is "just an ordinary playboy", he says.

Tetsuro (movie version) - Gift from Parlock-san. Check out my "Links" page for her site!


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