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Harlock appears in many many many Matsumoto comics. Some are more familiar Harlock to you, and some are totally different in appearance and personalities. Here, I have only listed only few that are closer to current Harlock. But I tell you, there are lot more different kind of Harlock Matsumoto has drawn than what you see here.


Great Pirate Captain Harlock - 5/1969

Phantomunt Harlock hate Earthians who betrayed him, and searches for a place to die. Harlock meets a young man named Sado. Harlock gives Sado everything: his own flag, spaceship, his crews, and even his wife. "Now I can finally die without any regrets because I found you." Harlock attacks Earthian fleet, and dies. And yes, his eye patch is on his left eye.


Gun Frontier - 12/1972

The first time Tochiro and Harlock appear as a pair. The story is based on Western movie settings. Tochiro, the last survivor of Japanese descendents, Franklin Harlock Jr., the westerner, and mysterious beautiful woman Sinunola roam around together to search for Tochiro's people. I have never read this series myself, however, from what I hear, the story is very erotic and atmosphere very far from well-known "Harlock", "GE999", etc. However, this is still one of Matsumoto's parallel worlds just like anything else, and this piece is very important one when you talk of Harlock and Tochiro.

The main character in this comic is Tochiro, and Harlock is basically a Tochiro's sidekick. Tochiro has his usual hat and cape on, but Harlock here is very different from "Space Pirate" type of Harlock; no dark suit, no black cape, and so on. Harlock is a very skilled gunman, and still is better looking than Tochiro, however, he is kind of sissy character. It is probably because Matsumoto has reflected himself on Tochiro in drawing this comic. If you assume "Space Pirate" kind of Harlock here, you will be very disappointed. However, it may prove the saying that "Harlock was more cheerful and easy going person when Tochiro was still alive". "Gun Frontier" world is very chaotic and slapstick comedy-like, and all the characters are very free-spirited and lively.

This is apparently one of Matsumoto's favorite works. He later wrote his first novel "Gun Frontier II", which is a non-erotic version of "Gun Frontier", which has characters from "Gun Frontier" plays "Arcadia of My Youth" movie plot. Unfortunately, "Gun Frontier II" novelization is out of print.


The Witch of Stanley (from "The Cockpit I") - 11/1973

An explorer Phantom F. Harlock challenges the "Witch of Stanley", and loses. This episode was used in "Arcadia of My Youth" movie.


The Fangs of an Aurora (from "The Cockpit II") - 1974

Richter, an ace pilot of German Air Force, had pity on his enemy and ended up losing one of his eyes and his lover. He was re-born as evil "Black Knight".


Space Battleship DeathShadow - 11/1975

Earth has turned into the red looking dead planet, and Earthians could only survive underground. An alien ship was attacked by a mysterious spaceship as it tried to approach Earth. The mysterious spaceship was Harlock's DeathShadow, and Harlock and his crews destroyed the alien ship with all the women on the board. Harlock's DeathShadow had been protecting Earth from the outside influences, however, Earthians were afraid of DeathShadow and called it as "Devil's Ship". Harlock discovers survived men on the Earth, and he brings down all the women from other colonies to increase Earth's population and to revitalize Earth. All the DeathShadow's crew except Harlock also has chosen to live with women on the Earth. Harlock takes off into the space alone after bringing down all of his ship's crews on the Earth.

This Harlock is very similar to "Space Pirate" type of Harlock. DeathShadow's computer is Harlock's lover's (or wife?) spirit, unlike Tochiro's Arcadia. Harlock tries to protect Earth despite of the fact that he is never appreciated by anyone, He pursues what he believes regardless. "DeathShadow" is a short story compared to "Space Pirate Captain Harlock", however, you can find many aspects in the story that turned out to be the prototype of current Harlock setting.


Queen Emeraldas (extra short story) - 5/1975

Harlock is a captain of an airship "Death Herlock" (notice the spelling?). He is also a rival of Emeraldas, a female pirate. Harlock and Emeraldas both own the half of the same treasure map, and try to get the other half back from each other. Did you ever wonder which wins when they are against each other? By the way, Harlock is wearing white costume in this one.


Eternal Arcadia (from "The Cockpit III") - 5/1975

Phantom F. Harlock II was an ace pilot in German Air Force during World War II. The friendship with Daiba, a Japanese engineer was one of the most valuable memory of his youth. This episode was implemented in "Arcadia of My Youth" movie.


Space Battleship Yamato - 1974

He was a captain of the mysterious pirate ship who rescues Yamato. His body was mostly mechanical. He was thought to be Susume Kodai's long missing brother.


Diver Zero - 9/1975

An android Diver Zero, who made a vow to take a revenge of human species, met Harlock. Harlock let Diver Zero know about the existence of the bigger and stronger enemy, and invite Zero to join him to fight the battle together under the flag of freedom. The main theme is very similar to "Space Pirate Captain Harlock".


Space Pirate Captain Harlock - 1/1977

Harlock was feared by lazy Earthians, and he left Earth. However, with his battleship Arcadia, he fights battles against Mazone to protect Earth. "Tochiro always loved all Earthians.... He loved them all, including all the lazy ones. He always used to say that he will never abandon Earth even when everyone else does. He said he is making Arcadia not for the present time, but for the Earth's future. Then he made Arcadia, and died leaving everything to me. I will never betray my best friend." In the TV series, his purpose of protecting Earth was largely reasoned by Mayu, TV series' original character, however, in the original comic, his last hope for Earth was drawn out more vividly without it.

This Harlock became so popular; it lead to the production of "Harlock" TV series and also later "Galaxy Express 999". The image of Harlock became very stabilized after this comic as well.


Queen Emeraldas - 1/1978

Harlock's name was never mentioned, however, he appear as "A Warrior in black" with Tochiro.


The Tochiro II - 11/1980

The subtitle is "Harlock of My Youth". Tochiro lives in unknown dessert planet, and Harlock comes to pick Tochiro up with the ship loaded with "cosmonite". Tochiro and Harlock sail off to the space to search for their dreams.


Galaxy Express 999 - 1980

Harlock appears only on 1 episode in this comic series. Harlock is described as a very feared space pirate. He appears as a mysterious hooded man at the bar in Trader Junction, Heavy Melder. He only appears in few scenes, and never reveals his identity whole through the story. But he does have a few words at the bar: "I said to let him (Tetsuro) go. Sometimes a man must go knowing he will lose. Sometimes a man must fight knowing he will die. You guys could never go or fight in these times. That's why you come to this bar, listen to a woman's song, and cry, don't you? Then just let him go. What's the matter; just encourage this man and let him go." A silhouette of Arcadia appears as 999 takes off from the Heavy Melder at the end of the episode.


Nebelung's Ring - 11/1991

Usual Harlock we all know. Tochiro is still alive, and Mime has changed in her image to fit into the original "Nibelung's Ring" Mime character by Wagner. Great Harlock, Harlock's father also appears (what happened to his mother???). Harlock and Tochiro appear as kids, and Tochiro is a good childhood buddy of Harlock. Harlock is pretty cute even as a kid.


Kasei Ryodan DnaSight 999.9 - 10/1994

Harlock never appears as a person, however Arcadia appears.


Galaxy Express 999 (Eternal Series) - 9/1996

Harlock appears very often in front of Tetsuro, and rescues 999 quite few times.


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