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Kiyasama (1 & 2) and Misao-chan (1) made joke book covers! (^o^)

Dedicated for Caroline's cat "Kitty" who passed away (;_;)

Fluffy scribble I did based on Wicked Game's fic Sharp-Dressed Man. (^_^)

This is for Natea who handles Gundam Herald. She is our Hero! (^_^) This scene came from AJU_RPG.

This is a treat to myself for finishing up Kiyasama's book cover...Kiyasama wrote this fic "Model Behavior" to go with this sketch (^_~)

This was a response to 1x2x1 day prompt by 1x2_fan's community. I didn't have too much time so this was the best I could come up with (^_^;)

Can't forget 12/12 day! (^_^) Somehow the idea of evil plot bunny just sprunged in my mind...this was my first attempt of chibis. Do they look OK?

After Kiyasama wrote me "Model Behavior" I had many threats err requests to do cowboy pics. One day I just felt like doing it, so here it is...

I wanted some fluffy prompt and Razberrycreme provided this cute ficlet.

After seeing my manga out of "Just like Scrooge", we all nudged FancyFigures for a sequel and she actually wrote it, "Ghost of Chirstmas Yet to Come! (^o^) So here it is, image pic of the fic. Nice and seasonal (^_^)

A scene from Merula's "Fangs and Fur Christmas Drabble". Vamp Heero in this series is so sexy...

An image pic from Kebzero's fic "Christmas Cards". I want Heero Bear, too! (;_;)

Apparenlty all smuts were his fault (^_^) He even has a name...his name is Henry. Fangirl's best friend.

Little image pic from Razberrycreme's ficlet "Old Married Couple". But this pic didn't turn out good (>_<;)

I was just in the mood to do a kiss. I accidentally drawn them little too low so to fill the extra space I just added a window (^_^;)

Little sketch from Sunhawk's ficlet "Therapy". I went into my own bathroom to get the perspective right but it was pretty hard to do...

Another version of the kiss pic above. This was prompted by the sweet fic "Kiss" Fancyfigures wrote for me! (*^~^*)

I just couldn't help but notice that everyone was writing fluffy fics so I wanted to do something fluffy for Valentine's day. (^_^)

Corazon suggested "naughty! Heero&Duo in school uniform". It's not much but hey I was just in fluffy mood... (^_^;)

Birthday card I made for Sharon. She is my gunea pig of new watercolor greeying card I bought... (^_^) She likes fluff and red, so here it is (^_^) Sakuragoboom wrote a cute ficlet to go with it! (^o^)/

Here is the Thank-you card I made for Merith for sending me nice online art-supply gift certificate (^_^) Merith luuuvs dogtags so here it is (^_^)

Image pic from DSA's fic "Game of Chase". I reall liked "a dog and a kitten" analogy (^_^)

Image pic from Sunhawk's infamous Ion arc "Obligations" chapter. I meant to make it little cuter than this but it came out kinda porny... (^_^;;)

People pointed out dogtags are supposed to be 2 (in U.S. anyways) aaaan I didn't know...so I re-visited dogtag pic.

Image pic from Meriths fic "Charade of Youth". I like the fics where boys/girls are good friends. (^_^)

Merula's fic "Fangs and Fur" series is just great! The newest chapter really grabbed me to the core.... I just LOVE this series...

Merula wrote a GW/MIB cross-over drabble where Heero is agent "H" and Duo is the Will Smith cop. It had a cute kiss scene (^_^)

This image is from Sunhawk's cute dialog fic "The Holy Grail". "Come here..." line just killed me~~~~ (*@o@*)

This image is from Kracken's ficlet "UnderPressure". I love when Heero loses control over Duo....(*^~^*)

I was asked to do a pic for 1x2ML top page image for their 7th year anniversary... I just wanted to go back to the basics, just Heero and Duo.

This image is from Fieryicicle's ficlet "Perfection". Putting hickeys on Duo's body was fun...

This image is from Badmomma's fic "Tendecies". Heer was just soooo adorable in this fic (*^_^*)

Another inspiration from Badmomma's fic "Tendecies". I used Mike Tyson photo I found online for the reference...but no Duo doesn't look like him! (^o^;)

This was dedicated to Kiyasama, who recently moved and suggested pic that "Heero and Duo are moving in together" (^_^) Moving can be fun with friends...

This was inspired by Merith's "One sentence fic". The fic itself only had Heero and Une but you know how I am...so I added more guys!

Just a random sketch of chibi neko Heero and Duo taking a nap together... (^_^)

I wanted to try something on subtle romance side...I think whispering is very intimate (^_____^)

This was inspired by Mardoror's fic"Moving". This scene is not exactly in the fic, but I just really liked the idea of them working on model kits together (^_^)

I just felt like doing one of their morning scenes. Duo is trying not to disturb Heero but it doesn't look like he has much luck.... Skylark wrote a ficlet for it, thanks! (^_^)

Just one of these "just because" kind of sketches...they are just so comfortable and content being with each other. (^_^)

A sketch inspired from Skylark's ficlet "My Best Kept Secret". I love these first-time confessions... (*^~^*)

Adrenalin/Testosterone-rushed smex is one of my kinks (^_^) I think Heero and Duo are specially juicy after the fist fight... WickedGame recently wrote a ficlet (lemon warning!) that hit my kink button (*^~^*)

From Merula's "Bittersweet" arc. I specially liked this particular scene from the sidefic. I have a thing with wet Heero... (*^o^*) And I just now noticed I totally forgotten to add any scars~~ (-o-;)

I was having a serious craving for Hurt/Comfort fluff. I usually like drawing struck Duo but I wanted to try struck Heero for a change. Trasgapoca wrote a ficlet for it, thank you! (*^_^*)

A.K.A. "After E.T." (*^_^*) This sketch was inspired by Fancyfigure's fic "Moving Out". This scene is right after they finished watching E.T. (^_^) The image was so cute I just had to do it. (*^_____^*)

Just a random fluffy sketch... (^_^)

I received an advise to use darker color tone in my pics. I wanted to to see if I was ready to start adding stronger contrast in my pics. Well I must say I am exactly ready yet (^o^;;)

Image from Merula's fic"Edge" I enjoyed it muchly~! Mission, angst, and sweetness! This scene was just so....touching (*^~^*)

Art selecting process for YaoiCon Art Show kinda gave me this idea... (^o^) "So Quatre, which one should I wear?" "Um...I don't think Heero is the picky type, Duo." Etc. etc. \(^_^)/

Work has been pretty rough this week... (-o-;) Then all the work fiasco gave me this pic idea. Duo's working late and Heero is waiting for him... (*^_^*)

So many work deadlines this week! Then this idea came,Heero is sooo swamped with work and Duo just comes in, bringing him something to eat (^o^)

I always thought finger-licking is darn s e x y so here it is (^O^) Again I prefer this to be pre-get-together, little flirting stage...makes it sexier I think (*^~^*)

I heard they had this thing called "Bishonen Cafe" at Y-con. I didn't get to go, but it gave me the idea...I would soooo go to GW Cafe! (*^_^*)

Image from FancyFigures' fic"The Morning After" I just looove the awkward morning-after-first-time scenes (*^_^*)

This is dedicated for Kracken, who recently lost her mother very unexpectingly. I am not good with words, but having someone who loves you hopefully helps you in grieving...

Inspired by Kebzero who recently acquired 2 very adorable kittens. Kittens are so much fun to watch (*^_^*)

Heero happened to fall asleep and Duo is putting a blanket on him. Duo gives Heero little kiss, but it's his little secret But I am sure Heero notices (^_^) Skylark and Femaleshinigami wrote ficlets, thanks!

Inspired by Petenshi's cute ficlet "Yuy's Blue Mittens". The image of Heero with mittens were just too cute, I couldn't help it (^______^)

An image sketch for Kiyasama's fic "The Head Boy". I am normally not too keen on mean Heero, but this fic was just very so powerful it grabbed me...

Inspired by Haruno-san's beautiful Chirstmas ficlet "No Tears". I also drew 5P manga (in Manga page) if you like to check it out!

I just drew it ..just because! (^o^)

I was in the chibi fluffy pic mood... I am not good at chibis but it's good to practice, isn't it? (^o^)/"

I wanted to explore more potential in my watercolor pencils. I used very thin paintbrush on this one, and I think the outcome was good..this looks more watercolor-ish feel to it.

I am having so much fun using thin paintbrush for watercolor-ish looking effect! There should be snow on the ground but it's hard to tell on this one (ToT)

I didn't feel I did good job with snow in my last pic, so I wanted to try again. I really like how this one turned out...it looks colder!

I enjoy watching snowfall. I took a walk in the rare snow we had where I live, and I looked around really hard to remember how it felt before I got home and started drawing this...

I think trees in winter right after sunset is one of the most beautiful thing in the world...I can't exactly mimic the true beauty of nature, but I had fun with it (^_^)

After doing series of serous pics, I wanted to do something more light-hearted. I love when they are dancing around each other in flirting stage (*^_^*)

Just trying something different with the way I color... (^_^)

Just a random image idea thing... (^_____^) It was just a dark cloudy day out today so it got me into gloomy pic mood..fun for a change (^o^)

I thought it was only fair that I would do a Duo version. I must say I liked Heero one better...this pic turned out less daring for what I was trying to achieve coloring-wise.  

This pic is why Heero fell in love with Duo. Heero is slowly dying inside... but he realizes Duo is there, with his hands stained with blood just as Heero's are. Yet Duo still smiles and still reaches out for Heero.

This is where Heero does not know how to cry, and he would cry without shedding tears...Duo sees right through him and stays with him. (*^_^*)

I was watching Endless Waltz and it made me want to draw them in astrosuits, floating around. Let's just say it's one of the deleted scenes....

I just wanted to draw them playing with sheets. They may be wearing tank tops and shorts for all we know, so don't get your hopes up (^o^)

I didn't know what to do with the background and...yeah it looks weird oh well (^o^;) I tend to draw Heero and Duo with hooded sweatshirt a lot because that's what my hubby wears a lot (^o^)/"

I was pretty unhappy with the way my coloring turned out in last several pics, so I am working on my coloring. I really like my watercolor pencils, I feel the need to work on our long-term relationship \(^o^)/

Another color practice, violet this time. When I hear "Violet" the first thing comes to my mind is Duo's eyes...so the vision came rather easily, Heero being enchanted by Duo's eyes

I decided to do somewhat a continuation of Violet pic scene from front. Artemis wrote a fic "Chasing Tail" to go with it, thanks! (^___^)  Progress: 1 2

Definitely out of season but hey I enjoyed drawing it (^o^) Progress: 1 2

This was probably most challenging out of my color experiments so far. Drawing water is very tricky...but it was very fun to try (^_^) Progress: 1 2

Here is sepia. Initially I had Heero's eyes closed but I changed it. I think it's more fitting to their personalities this way... (^_^) Progress: 1 2 3

The color pencil I had said "Jade Green" but it came out more minty, so I layered another darker green on top. Progress: 1 2 3

This time I tried using gray pen instead of black or sepia pen for the outline...there is something about all-black coloring I really enjoy doing more than any other colors (^_^) Progress: 1 2 3 4

a.k.a. "Thank god the dog has pooped on our yard!"Obviously it's inspired by my experience...we just adopted a 2-year-old dog (^O^)

This was inspired by Artemis's fic "Chasing Tail". Heero is oh SO aware of Duo's eyes on him...(^o^)

A scene from Ralphiere's fic "Sanctuary". The fic was a bit angst and intense but this scene just grabbed me...

First time trial of using color ink. It turned out...weired, I know (-_-;)

Another color ink experiment. I used the paper too think for watering so I had to abandon the pic in the middle.

I wanted something light and summer-y...(^_^)

~~~ Series Sketch ~~~

Snow Chibi Series

I've read few ficlets where Heero and Duo build an anatomically correct snowman. I couldn't resist... (^_^) And it just became a series. It was a good chibi practice and I had a lots of fun with it. They are partners in crime...(^_^)


Hurt & Comfort Series

OK after I did some smuts, I really got in the "healing" mood. The premise here is that both of them are hurt and both of them seek & provide comfort for one another instead of one-way...

Kiyasama made these (1 & 2) joke book covers! (^o^)
Body Drawing Exercise
There do not have any particular theme...just a group of exercises to draw bodys and to draw Heero & Duo (^o^) Also I really wanted to get into enjoy my watercolor pencils more....
Color Exercise
I am experimenting with color. I wanted to challenge myself with more subtle coloring...my weakness (-o-;) I also have a bad habit of over-emphasizing outlines so I wanted to work on it. As an analog fanartist, one of my goals is to express what can only be enjoyed in analog fanarts. Tsuki_bug wrote a cute fic for the first pic, thanks!
Hair-down Duo
I like Duo's braid, and I am not too much into drawing his hair down because it's little tricky to draw him with hair-down and not making him look too girly. But it's fun to try every once in a while (^o^)
Wickedgame wrote a fic for it!
Grevola wrote a fic1 and fic2 for it!
Kiyasama made a wallpaper for it!


This is not exactly a series, so images are not sequential. I went to see a Vampire movie and it just got me into the seductive pic mood. (*^~^*) Duo stands no chance against Heero's seduction...


Black & White


My First yaoi-related drawing ever.


This was a gift illustration for Haruka-san no Novel.

Open Invitation

I don't know what came over me.

Hug From Behind

BBS 22hit Request from Haruka-san.

The Game

BBS First Visitor Yuuko-san's Request "Ohatsu". It is also an illustration for the Short Novel "The Game".


1000Hit Request "Pulling down & Kiss" & 3000 Hit Request "5 Seconds Before Kiss" Combined.


7000 Hit Request "Collorbone & Bare Legs"


Cats can be cute or sexy...(*_*)


11/11 is Heero's Day! YAY! (^_^)


Christmas Special...?

Seduction 1 2

Novel by TM-san

2P manga. The theme is "Duo seducing Heero"

Heero's Tears 1 2

2P manga. The challenge was "Crying Heero"

Centaurs Heero 1 2

It was Yuuma-san's idea, I swear! (*_*)


20000 Hit Request "Kiss in Preventer 's Uniform" from Nanami-san. It doesn't look much like a kiss though.

Short Hair Duo & Smily Heero

Both were separate requests, but come to think of it, they nicely fit together to form their ideal outcome after the war, don't you think?

Call Me Master

This is an old pic. My opinion definitely changed since then.


Moment after their first kiss....? (^_^)

Before & After?

Drawn for "Smut Weekend" on 1x2 ML (^_^)


More smut attempt...I hope I am getting better at it! (^_^;)

Goodnight Kiss & Shower & AfterShower

Fluffy scribbles I did for LJ.... (^_^)


Fluffy scribble I did based on Kracken's drabble.... (^_^)

I tried using ballpen for drawing.