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This was my first GW fan-art ever, and this is the only one I made before I got to see the actual TV series. Duo Maxwell and his Gundam Deathscythe. Gundams are hard to draw. (>_<;) But I had fun with it.
Duo Maxwell. I like him for his strong will power and his happy-go-lucky attitude .
I experimented the new way of coloring on this one. Did I already tell you that Gundams are hard to draw?
I need to learn more color coordination... The book Heero is reading says "The Art of Self-Destruction."
I drew Duo first for my first banner, then I added Heero below just to balance myself.
Yuuna-san's (Wing BBS first visitor) request, "Taking a nap under the tree." I hope she likes it...
Two of them in the semi-military look. I really like them that way (what way?)
All 5 pilots (Wow! Surprise!). You can clearly tell the differences in amount of love among them...(-_-;)
The image illustration from TM-san's fan-fic "Name" (Sorry but the fic is in Japanese).
One-Year-Anniversary Gift for Yuuma-san's Site. Grossly unfinished look....
The first pic I drew with the photo reference of human body. The theme is "half-naked Duo."
The theme is "Boyish Duo even with his hair down"! Yahoo! :-D
My image of their relationship is kind of like this one. I like them both, but in slightly different way.
Collaborative Creation with Yuuma-san! I drew the original image (left) and Yuuma-san nicely colored it (right). (^_^)
Image from one of my favorite Sting's song "Brand New Day"! (^_^) Oh I love this song....
I made this pic to make 2 banners; used Duo part to make my old banner, and Heero for TM-san's banner.
This is my measly attempt for cyber-type pic. Where is my self-destruct button?
Yeah yeah I know... so typical, right? But hey, this was one of the pic-challenges, and it was fun!
Another collaboration with Yuuma-san! I drew the original image (left) and Yuuma-san added background colors (right). (^_^)
I finally got around to make a new banner! (^_^)
Body-Drawing exercise for me. I actually like how this one turned out. Here is pencil sketch and ink version.
More body-drawing exercise for me with little more action. Here is pencil sketch and ink version.
First attempt to draw space-suits. It got little bulky, but it was fun (^_^) Here is pencil sketch and ink version.
Another version of Astro-suits. I liked the color theme on this one. Here is pencil sketch version.n Kiyasama wrote the fic "Accident Prone" for it! (^_^)
Can't forget they are Gundam Pilots! Here is ink version of Heero and ink version of Duo.
Out of all things, this was inspired by special feature clip from movie "DOOM" DVD (firearm training of actors). Here is pencil sketch and ink version.
Wanted to try more subtle color scheme... It was supposed to be just Heero at first, but Duo just showed up! How did that happen? (^_^;)
After the fist fight! Wufei is upset because his date with Sally had is delayed from stepping in between them... (^_^)
Image pic from Hasunoue-san's DJ "Mr. & Mr. YUY" (^_^). Mission-type pic is always challenging but fun.Here is pencil sketch and ink version.
Little rough pic of Heero & Duo with glasses. Inspired by WickedGame's fic "Naughty Librarian". (^_^)
Image pic from Sunhawk's fic "Head Games". I tried to draw '68 Mustang but hey... (^_^;) Here is pencil sketch and ink version.
Image pic from Merula's fic "Touch". It was such a powerful fic it drawn me in. Here is pencil sketch and ink version.
Art I made for Chat Fic Contest banner. Typing fingers are my favorite part on this pic...
I wanted them to wear Viper flightsuilts from "Battlestar Galactica". I think these flightsuits are so sexy! Here is pencil sketch and ink version.
I just got in the mood to draw head of Gundams. They are pretty tricky to draw...
I wanted to try different angles and little more movement. Here is pencil sketch and ink version. Kiyasama wrote the fic "Death's Temptation" for it! (^_^)
This was my experimental pic to challenge myself to see how far watercolor pencils can go (^_^) Here is the step-by-step tour!
I bought Duran Duran's "Live in London" DVD and got so inspired! This pic is an image from "Save A Prayer". Drawing flower was a bit tricky...
The second pic in Duran Duran series is "Ordinary World". This is just a very beautiful song and when I hear it I think about Heero's scenario. Wickedgame wrote a fic for it! (^_^) Here are progress: 1 2
The third pic in Duran Duran series is "Come Undone". Merith wrote a fic for it! (^_^) Here are progress: 1 2 3
These are arts I donated for GWyaoi.org.
The 4th pic in Duran Duran series is "Wild Boys". I do enjoy romance, fluff, etc. but first and foremost they are the fearless Gundam pilots and Preventer Agents! (^_^) Here are progress: 1 2 3 4
The 5th pic in Duran Duran series is "View To A Kill". The lyrics were just too abstract for me to come up the good visual image. So I just went for James Bond image...Here are progress: 1 2 3
I just got in the mood to do mission-mode Heero & Duo. I wanted to avoid bulky body-armors but I love gadgets too much so.. And little blood and dirt is a MUST! Here are progress: 1 2 3
I did different pilot suits because I wanted to do zipped-down look without their canon turtleneck (^_^) Here are progress: 1 2 3
I wanted to try more traditional watercolor-style coloring. Unfortunately, it's not easy doing it using watercolor pencils...but it was fun to try. Here are progress: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Heero and Duo in Preventer mission mode! (^_^) It's really piece of cake for them... Outfit/gears are inspired by the movie "Doom". (^o^;) Here is the progress: 1 Skylark wrote fic for it, thanks!
Heero and Wing. I drew this as a matched pair to my second GW pic, b/w Duo I really enjoy working with ink art...it brings back lots of memories (^_^) Here are progress: 1 2 3 4 5 6
I have dedicated this piece for Sunhawk, who passed away early last year. She has been a great friend, while I was in the fandom and even after I left fandom. I hope she is having her fandom-fun up there. Progress: 1 2 3 4 5


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