DJ: "Head Over Heels" Comic English Translation

Translation done by ASIA and beta-read/edited by B.K.san.  Thanks! (^_^)


Comic1: Heero's Having an Affair?
Heero: "Affair?"
Duo:   "Yeah, why can't you just come out and say it so then!"
Heero: "What are you talking about...?"
       "I explained to you already that sleeping with the client is part of this mission."
Duo:   "But!  But... that dude does not think so!  And, and...!"
       "We haven't made love ever since you started on this mission!"
       "You... you prefer that guy over me?!"
       "You don't like me anymore, is that it?!"
Heero: "...Duo..."
Duo:   " Wh wha WHAT??" *blushed* 
Heero: "Is that... Is that the feeling described as 'Jealousy'?"
Duo:   "Na na na na na na... " *panicked*
Heero: "Is that the desire to have entire possession over me, produced by your feeling towards me...?"
       "Is that the emotion you have over me right now?" (Knowledge gained by book)
Duo:   "What are you talking about, of course it is!"
       "Because... because I love you!"
       "I am the only one who should be allowed to do these things to you!"
Heero: "..."
Duo:   *Catching breath from yelling*
Heero: *Blushing*
Heero: *Chu*
Duo:   "What the…"
Heero: "...Duo… "
Heero: "The reason why I have not touched you lately is..."
       "I felt that I would make you dirty if I touched you after I did such things with the client."
       "But... if you oppose to it that much, I will decline any future missions involving sexual intercourse."
Duo:   "Heero... “*Emotionally touched*
Heero: "I think... I think I am happy that you feel that way about me..."
Duo:   "Heero~"
       "I’m sooo sorry I doubted you for a single minute!"
       "Heero I LOVE YOU!"
       "I will give you a SPECIAL service tonight!  Come on!"
Heero: "Eh... "
Heero: "Du, Duo... Ahh, Ahhhh... "

The END!  (^_^)


Comic2: Can see nothing but you

Duo:   "Ah... ahh... "
Heero: "What do you want...?  You want me to stop...?"
Duo:   "Ahhh... Ahh... More, please more..."
Heero: "See, your body is more honest than your words."
Duo:   "Ahhh, aaaaaa"
Heero: "What's wrong, can you not take it anymore?  Hn...?"

REAL DUO:   "Haa... I wish Heero could be a savage beast like this sometimes... "

END!  (^_^;;;)


Comic3: The words I can't say

Duo:   *Going to tap on the keypad...Then stops.*
Duo:   "..."
       (What could  I possibly say to him?) 
       ("Don't push yourself too much")
       (or "Need to take a break sometime")
Duo:   "Well, I guess it's no use, it would be just a waste of breath".
Duo:   (What I would like to tell him is something different anyways) 
       (Probably something that I still cannot say; I don't know what to say.) 
Duo:   (When this war is over... would there be a day?  Could I tell him someday?) 
Heero: *Senses something*  "…Duo?"
       "...I guess he has gone already..."
       (Strange boy, he is.) 
Duo:   (I wish for the day when I can finally tell him what I cannot tell him now…)

END!  (^_^)