DJ: "Noble In Desert" Comic English Translation

Translation done by ASIA and beta-read/edited by B.K.san.  Thanks! (^_^)


Comic1: Hang On! Quatre-sama 

Trowa:  "Heero... Don't be so hard on Quatre"
Heero:  "Sorry, my hand slipped."
Quatre: "Ah... ok... "
Quatre: *Booooo!* (Sat on WHOOPEE cushion)
Quatre: "Trowa... Please, please forgive me!"
(To be continued!  Next episode: "Bloody Ballerina Shoes!") 

The END!  (^_^;)


Comic2: We Love You Quatre-sama

Quatre: "I charted out this perfect plan to make Doujinshi by us, Gundam pilots."
Quatre: "Since Trowa's good at detailed work, he can do inking and putting screen-tones..." 
Trowa:  "..." (His decision in this situation is correct...)
Quatre: "Wufei could handle communication and the editing part."
Wufei:  "Kisama! Are you serious?!"
Duo:    "Yo, Quatre, what about us?  We'll be sales clerks or something?"
Quatre: "No, I have different roles for you two..."
Quatre: "You guys could be models for Doujinshi arts!  Just follow my script."
        "The theme of this Doujinshi is 'Sasoi-Uke' (Inviting-Uke)."
        "It should be really easy for you two, since you are already used to homosexual acts."
        "I am counting on you, Duo!" 
Duo:    "No~~~~~~~!" *Sweatdrops and weeps*

END!  (^_^;;;)


Comic3: We Love, Love, Love You Quatre-sama

Quatre: "No No NO! I can't work like that!"  
        *Banging his script with frustration*
H&D:    *Scared*
Quatre: "The lemon scene is nowhere near to where it should be!"
        "Do you think you can satisfy Yaoi-fangirls with such lame acts?!"
Duo:    "We can't help it!!  There is nothing we can do about it!!"
Duo     "Can't you just tell?!  Heero really is a shy guy!"
Duo:    "I think we should just abort this mission." 
        "Heero can't be such a get-go type of Seme."  
        "Neither can he put on a romantic act!"
Quatre: "..."
Duo:    "So, there you go Quatre. And Have a nice day.  Let's go, Heero." 
Quatre: "...I see... I understand."
Quatre: "Let's change the pairing."
H&D:    "Huh?"  *Sweatdrops*
Quatre: "Let's give up on "Sasoi-Uke Duo" idea (not romantic anyway)."
        "I will be the Seme and will RAPE Heero instead."
Quatre: "How wonderful... It will be a sooo challenging task for me!" 
        "I can't wait to make Heero weep and moan and beg for more!"
        "I will work very, very hard!"
Quatre: "" *Angelic smile*

~At Doujinshi Event~
Quatre: "Welcome! Come see our new doujinshi on sale!"
        *The sign says '1x2 erotica!" "Adult Only!"

END!  (^_^)