"You Belong To Me" Making

I was just really in the lemon mood. This fic just fit my mood I was looking for perfectly... (*^_^*)

I really wanted to make sure Heero looks darn sexy (^_^)

This time I am trying something new, using all sepia color outlines. I have been doing that for all of my fanarts now, but not for manga, because it takes too long (I have thicker black pen but only have the thinnest one in sepia). But I think I like how it's turning out. It still takes too long to do the entire thing in watercolor though I'm sure...I may still try markers on them, but I haven't decided yet.

I used Copic markers so it was done amazingly fast, because they dry up almost instantaneously unlike water. Maybe I should just use Copic for hair and not worry about watercolor pencil base (still have to use them for other parts, because I only have limited colors) Hmmm, I wonder if Copic with their hair color are too dark against sepia ink. I am still debating. BTW I used paler skin tone for Heero because he is a Vampire after all! \(^o^)/

I am still using Copico for hair as well.. I think it's turning out to be ok with sepia ink outlines (^_^)