"Kiss Me Deadly" Making

I have read this fic back about half a year ago and wanted to do a manga from it. But at the time I didn't feel I had enough skills... So I wanted to wait until I get more experience. I felt little more comfortable with it recently so I tried it out (^_^)

I really liked the contrast between grumpy Duo and frantic Heero, I tried expressing that. I was not sure how the "bad guy" will turn out but I had to give it a try... I always wanted to do something little action-y, but these postures do get pretty tricky.

Recenlty I was using thinner outlining for the pics so I used thin pen to do them this time.

Started coloring. Because of my recent experiments with more subtle coloring, it was hard for me to decide how I want to balance out the colorings.

I decided to still stick to using the color markers for shadows and hair effect. But boy it felt really "violent" since these markers felt so much more vivid coloring than color pencils. I think I need to do manga more often and play around with this color balance thing more.. (^_^;)