"Head Games" Making

I recently discovered Moment of Rapture site and read "Head Games" I really fell in love with them working on the car, so I did 1P fan-art and did this. It was so much fan smearing grease all over them...(^_^)

Always start out with pencil roughs...it's really the hardest part, figuring out the panel designs.

Ink the pencil draft, erase pencil marks. For color stuff, I use Pigma type pens in opposed to nibs and ink I used in B&W drawing.

I use watercolor pencil in lots of base coloring. Nothing fancy, really.

Adding shines to the hair is one of my favorite step (^_^) I use Copic markers for hair shines.

I mainly use soft pastels for background. I like the subtle coloring (^_^)