"Shower Lemon" Making

I dared Sunhawk like a big dummy to finish her shower lemon ficlet and I got stuck with the deal to do lemon manga (=_=) What was I thinking...

I didn't know if it was going to work out in color though...all beige, ya know? (^_^;) But with enough background coloring it worked fine I think. The toughest part is of course the pencil draft. Drawing 2 bodies next to each other was tricky but drawing naked bodies was kinda fun too (*^_^*)

Since it was going to be mostly "skin" instead of my regular watercolor pencils I just used copic marker for skin coloring for little more clear and cleaner look. I omitted all steams because I thought it would be too trickyto try. Oh and hair-down Duo was tedious to color too (=_=)