"The Deal" - Making

I was reading Dyna Dee's fic "The Deal" for the first time...my favorite scene was The Oasis Date, but the scene where Heero got caught in the middle of a cat fight was a cute one, gave me the vision (^_^)

I normally start out with very very rough character figures and word bubbles in the each panel to make the overall layout, and start drawing out each panel. I try to draw starting from left to right in the same raw, simply because I am right handed and if I start drawing from right to left my hand will smear the pencil lines all over (^o^;) I can avoid it by just placing clean white paper over the finished draft panels but most of the time I don't have the paper handy within my reach so I just do what's convenient for the time being (^o^;)I tend to draw close-ups that kind of define the mood of the page first and fill the rest of smaller people panels.I guess it's just a habit of mine... (^_^)

I did skin with Copic markers to save some time, but I must confess I like my watercolor pencils better better over these copic markers...