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Hi (^_^) ASIA here. What I have here is the comic/pics I have drawn for DJ "Mr. and Mr. Yuy" I made with my friend in Japan.
As you may have guessed, it's a AU double parody with "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" where Heero is Jane and Duo is John (but it's still 1x2).
These are my parts only . The rest is all Japanese fic written by my friend, and no I am not going to translate the entire fic,
but if you saw the movie the plot is pretty much the same except for little tiny twist of additional GW flavor and 1x2 Lemon (of course!).
Quatre and Trowa are co-worker of Duo and Heero and in the end they start their own assasination organization with 4 of them.
Happy ending. (^_^;)

**For ENGLISH Translation of Comics Click HERE!**

DJ Cover


Comic 1 (1P) "We are getting Married!"


Comic 2 (1P) "Why are we feeling so distant?"

1 2 3 4 5 6

Comic 3 (6P) "Battle!"

1 2 3

Comic 4 (3P) "How many?"

Comic 5 (2P) "What's this?"

Below are in-between processes captured with my cell phone camera.
I was sending them to my friend for progress updates. I thought you may like seeing them....
I am an old-fashion artist; I don't do CG so everything is done by hand (^_^;)
I buy paper, pens, ink, and screen tones (pattern sticker thingy) in Japan when I go there.